The Body Position of Xabi Alonso – The Toni Kroos Edition

Have you ever read “Make it Stick” by Peter C. Brown? It is a great book about successful learning methods.

One of the techniques suggested in it is to compare different cases whenever you are studying a subject.

I am applying the same idea to my research about Xabi Alonso. I am looking at videos of other deep-lying playmakers.

Today I made a video about the man who replaced him at Real Madrid, Toni Kroos.


I have noticed some similarities between the movement of the two players:

Both are proactive: They move away from the defenders, they alread make space for themselves when their team mates have the ball.

Neither of them wait for the ball standing still: Both are slightly jumping up and down in one place, ready to move quickly if needed.

Both use the energy of the pass: Both prefer to move around the ball, let it roll on the deck instead of taking touches.

Both use their hands: in order to stay balanced and generate power for the pass.

Both lower their bodies: It is easier to generate momentum for a turn or a pass from a lower position.

What other similarities can you see? What are the differences between the two?

You can find the previous two videos on Xabi Alonso here and here.



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