This Week In Football Analytics – The Double Edition – Nov 3rd to Nov 16th

I unfortunately didn’t post a ‘This Week In Analytics’ article the last Sunday, so I put together a double edition this time. There are all kinds of things in there, from combining ADD and PPDA to a Bayern Munich training video, and a mentorship programme on Happy reading!

First of all: The OptaPro Analytics Forum is open for entries!

And now the articles:

Quantifying Gegenpressing – 11tegen11

A look at Average Defensive Distance (ADD) and Passes Per Defensive Action (PPDA) metrics on a dataset drawn from 12 leagues (Brazil, Bundesliga, EPL, Eredivisie, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Mexico, MLS, Russia, Championship and A-League). For me it was surprising to see that there is very little connection between how high a team defends, and how intense their press is. We tend to associate high defensive lines with aggressive pressing, although this is not always correct. Just like a team can defend deep, and have a low PPDA.

Performance Analysis Mentor Programme –

Rob Carroll is absolutely right, a mentor can change your life. You can learn a lot by surrounding yourself with people who are further along your path than you are. Rob set up a bluebrint for how a successful mentorship could look like. I am looking to join the program as well, so if you are a video analyst looking for a mentor/mentee contact me via e-mail: abellorinczhimself at gmail dot com

 Why the football analytics community needs a centralised data platform – Analytics FC

If you ever tried to collect your own data, you know how hard and time consuming it is. Our community is in its infancy, but Tom Worville’s idea could save us all a lot of time and effort, which we could use for doing what we love the most – analysis.

A Collection of the Best Forwards in the World – Objective Football

Interactive and sortable data on nine of the world’s top strikers.

Are Everton In a False Position? – differentgame

Read the article to find out the answer! 🙂

EPL Pythagoream –

Which teams have more points than they deserve based on their stats, and which were unlucky so far this season?

Samira Kumar on Youtube

This is an awesome channel that everybody who likes analysis videos should subscribe to.

FC Bayern Munich Training Session on Youtube

A whole training session from last Thursday featuring the Bundesliga champions.


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